If you are asking your self what this is.. well, then let me enlighten you :) . Since my hard drives begin to pile up and pretty much everything is loaded with TB of material I thought it's time to share more. So the next thing going through my mind was to add a new section to the site, and here it is: a blend of almost everything goes thru my lens, be it old or just fresh from the memory card, mix of digital and film. I'll try to update it daily with a collage of 1-3 exposures. Because there are lately more and more foreign IP's accessing hila.ro a logical thing is to post in this section in English. I hope you dig some of the stuff here, cheers . Hila

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More from the backyard.

Gotta keep an eye on this guy, highly motivated & motivating, I’ll return to the subject sometime soon.

Bobo is the best scoring romanian rider @ Burn The Streets 2012. Congrats bro'!

Copy, sort it, send it. Just got back home from Baia Mare , Burn the Streets was a winner.

Geza @ Arena Platos Freestyle Open, takes 1/3 of the pot, the rest will be decided on the following events. Snow on Fire & Jibstars still to come. Stay tuned.
P.S. Tired of shooting flags all day long? Mother nature is pleased to give you a hand and cover the shit up.

Yesterday @ Arena Platos Freestyle Open, the first event of the Romanian slopestyle championship series, Geza takes 1st for snowboarding while Les Paul aka Broccoli scores highest in ski. Next event will be 7-11 march in Madarasi, Harghita. Until then see you next week @ Burn The Streets in Baia Mare.

The daily commute

Late saturday fun @ Arena Platos

Fridays night quick hit in Sibiu’s Sub Arini park. Trying to light up the scene with the one radio-receiver/flash that still had some juice left in the batteries after the freezing temperatures. Stefan with a slide pretzel 270 out and Ilie’s 50-50 on the 15m rail.

First class ride back home with Ilie.

Another one from Platos with Stefan.
Stefan Mirescu Arena Platos Sibiu


I met Ilie yesterday at the Platos arena , had time to take some shots in between riding.

2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, Yesss I love changes! 5th year , 5th design.

Presenting the ambassador of love!

Costa planking through the woods.

From last year's Pleasure Jam

I sense someone in the region is cooking something.

Its official, Milly's got talent. My dog just had 5 puppies, they look just like little polar bears and have by now short of 2 weeks, I say nice Christmas gift Milly. Used a strip softbox from the front and an umbrella from the top on a seamless black. See ya

Summer jib back in 2006 - The freak show. It was actually the first SummerJib for me, in Balea, I think mid-may. One whole week of living in a tent, a ton of beer, good food out of the tin and relaxing music. I was shooting my Fujifilm S-something when Pusoc provided me with this wide angle adapter, remember shooting the rest of the camp with that, made friends , had a good time, cheers.
R: Jaffar <> Geza

Yeah, finally some snow hitting the region, I’m taking a little break here, Merry Christmas everybody,
until next week check out the articles section, some new pages will pop up. Hila

Whiteline 2011/2012 is out !
//Kinda Geza Interview

Costash @ World Snowboarding Day , while waiting for some snow to fall ,
gets a really good back massage from his assistant, the other one just shouts
at him to stop smoking.

This sunday @ World Snowboarding Day - Arena Platos (in photos: George & Geza)
Although there wasn’t to much snow covering the arena, the guys there pulled it off and in the end made the day happen, the playground was restricted in size but there was enough space for 1 box, 2 rails, 2 pipes, and a rainbow. All in all a fine day considering I met people that I haven’t seen for a long time.
The results: 1st Kinda Geza | 2nd Vladimir Brezovszki | 3rd Ilie Stupar & Mircea Lungu
Cheers. HILA

High quality scanning for 2 euro’s! Well, since a good film scanner comes for about 700e, it's easy to see why some guys improvise something to convert film to digital, here is my approach to solving the problem, if done correctly you will really get HQ frames. First of all you need 3 pieces of nice clean glass, i searched some time for this one’s because not all dealers sell good glass, problems here would be scratches and other imperfections that will alter the quality. The first 2 pieces I used to sandwich the film together, here be careful to put some spacers so that the film can glide smooth thru them. The third piece of glass is used to attach a diffusing panel. The key element is good diffused light, you can use a flash or a lamp , it doesn't really matter , what matters is the smooth light, in my setup I used 3 diffusers 2 on the flash and 1 on the glass. The last things you need are obviously lens and camera, any macro lens will do , although I guess macro rings will work as well, having a camera with live-view could help you a lot since precise focusing is hard to achieve. PS. Good thing is to smooth out the edges of the glass-sheets so it won’t scratch the film when dragging it thru. Also try to shoot slow apertures and low iso because in the end you need to push that contrast pretty strong to get good levels. The setup below is for 120 but the same can be applied to 35mm film. See ya. HILA

Kinda Geza @ D'n'R DH Course - Parang

@ ETAJUL 4 Arta Jucăriilor - Cluj

@ Mellodge - Parang, preparations for Drop'n'Roll 2012

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