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Darcy Bacha - photographer

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Era pe la inceputul lui 2011 cand am dat peste o poza a lui Darcy publicata intr-un snowboard-magazine, am fost captivat imediat de creativitatea omului din spatele lentilei, iar pentru ca numele nu imi suna cunoscut am trecut la google. Gasind portofoliul lui Darcy, am aflat ca Transworld, Playboard, Pleasure, Snowboarder, Freeskier-magazine sunt doar o parte din revistele unde se publica materialele sale. Am stabilit conexiunea prin feis, si cat ai clipi stateam de vorba cu domnu' Darcy despre vrute si nevrute. Si pentru ca asa poze vin cu un caracter pe masura, am insistat sa punem de un interviu, deci doamnelor si domnilor: DARCY BACHA

Hey Darcy, first things first: a few details about you and the way you got into photography.
I grew up in Philadelphia, and would skateboard with my friends just about every day after school. at the time i was taking a photo class and would do a lot of my photo assignments by shooting photos of my friends skateboarding. eventually as my hobbies grew towards snowboarding and skiing so did my inspiration to shoot them.

Do you remember your first real action shot; what made it a great photo for you?

 sure do, It was a skateboarding photograph from back when i lived in Philadelphia.  I think what made it rememberable was how stoked the skater was on it.  I think that satisfaction of stoking out my friend is what made the photo great. 

Often there is a need for successful photographers to balance the roles of artist & businessman, what are the lessons you learned in both roles?
you quickly learn how important it is to be a good businessman.  while magazines have standard rates a lot of company's require negotiating prices. Photography is only about 20% of the job. the rest of my time is spent editing traveling and selling shots.

Talk us through a typical shoot , if there is such a thing.
They definitely seem to be all different, the location your shooting, the people your shooting with. I think and Ideal shoot is when myself and the rider have a real good idea of what we both want. usually as we're setting up a feature i'll take a half hour to walk around and find exactly how i want to shoot it. it usually takes me awhile to find the exact spot i want to be. and sometimes its not until the rider starts hitting the feature that everything starts to click, lighting comp exposure etc..

I've seen you tend to use strobes along side natural light, what is your vision?
i like being able to control how a situation looks and not rely on just natural light. although sometimes natural light is the obvious choice. A lot of times the scene needs a little bit more to make it really pop. and thats where creative light comes in.

Urban or Backcountry

they both have there ups and downs. I really love shooting urban, its the most accessible and i can really use my knowledge of lighting to create images.  Unfortunately you can spend a lot of times getting kicked out of spots. Backcountry you have the freeness to do what ever you want without the stress of getting kicked out of a spot. but you have to work twice as hard to get shots. A lot of terrain is only accessible by snowmobile or helicopters, which makes it completely impossible for many people to get to.

What’s always in your bag?
the pack :
-nikon d700
-nikon 70-200 VR II
-nikon 24-70 f/2.8
-nikon 14-24 f/2.8
-nikon 50 f/1.4
-nikon 16 f/2.8
-sb 80 and sb 900

and then i have two more backpacks with elinchrom rangers

What lens do you use the most these days and has the lens you prefer changed over the years as your style and the sport has evolved?
My style has changed a lot. I feel like while i use to use my fisheye all the time im really into using my 50 1.4 or the telephoto.  I think the eveolution of the sport has helped. tricks are much bigger now and kinda make the fisheye not as important. not to say it never has its place, all my lenses have there place or I wouldn't keep them in my pack.

What was the best photo opportunity that you missed?
This fall when i was up in Alaska i was hitch hiking back to my car after fishing all day.  I was freezing my ass of in the bed of this guys truck with my friends Dane Tudor and John Spriggs.  It was sunset and we drove pass this view of a lake with a perfect reflection of the mountains and the full moon rising just behind the peak bigger then i've ever seen it. it was truly one of the most incredible sites I've seen.  anyways the car just kept going.. so i just got a mental picture ;)

If you could give a younger Darcy advice on his way to the first freelance assignment, what would you tell him?
people notice the risks you take when shooting photos. the more risk the more reward

How does your hard drive look so far this year

pretty empty!! hasnt quite started snowing yet this season in the US, but hopefully soon.

In the past years more and more riders were visiting the romanian mountains, what do you know about Romania, and what would you google first, if you are to come to Romania

I dont know a whole lot about Romanian mountains at all. i think if i was to google Romania i would google Romanian fly fishing (like taking my fishing stuff with me where ever i go) then i'd google annual snow falls. In fact i think I'll do that right now

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